Guiding Clients Through Business Formation And Operations

Business corporations, limited liability companies and other business entities are creatures of law. Your right to establish such entities and their power to act in a corporate name are fixed by statute, primarily the Georgia Business Corporations Code, which significantly affects an entrepreneur's ability to take advantage of business opportunities while managing the risks.

An Experienced, Local Georgia Business Law Practice

The Teiger Law Center in Alpharetta and Cumming has been providing Atlanta and north Georgia businesses with advice and representation for nearly 30 years. Our law firm serves clients as outside general counsel with the capacity to cover a wide spectrum of legal needs.

Other business clients depend on our firm for guidance through the complexities of major transactions such as the sale or acquisition of a company. For both ongoing needs and special projects, our focus on the practical considerations that affect your legal issues can make a significant difference to the outcome.

Choosing the right structure for your business involves more than filling out the forms and sending a fee to the secretary of state. Your business entity selection should reflect your own objectives for growth, your ownership and management structure, your need to attract future investment and your tolerance for business, regulatory or litigation risk. The business startup decisions you make will have continuing consequences from the beginning to the end of your involvement with the company, and our experience can help you make the right choices for your situation.

As well as advising our clients about their choices for creating a new business, we also help clients with the legal aspects of business operations. These functions include such matters as:

  • Contract negotiations and review
  • Corporate governance and compliance issues
  • Tax considerations
  • Protecting confidential or proprietary information
  • Revising shareholder or operating agreements
  • Protecting relationships within corporate or partnership groups

When a complex or highly specialized legal matter requires additional attention, we can refer you to an outstanding practitioner in any of a number of highly focused fields.

Contact Our Cumming And Alpharetta Business Law Attorney

Careful attention to the details of business formation and operations can protect not only your interests on a continuing basis, but also the value of your company, partnership or professional practice. It will be more attractive to prospective investors, lenders or purchasers. If your enterprise is a family business, it can also streamline your succession planning with respect to future ownership and management.

As time goes on, business owners come to understand the value of working with a lawyer who can shield them from distractions, find prompt and complete solutions to problems, reduce operating expenses, and help with achieving current and long-range objectives.

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