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Family violence shocks one Georgia community

One Georgia community is in shock after a mother was accused of stabbing her husband and five children. Family violence often comes as a surprise to neighbors who may have watched the children play or otherwise seen the family members together. Many people tend to question what drives a person to violence against those they love.

This may be a central question in the criminal proceedings that recently began against the Georgia mother involved in this tragedy. From what reports indicate, one of the five children survived the ordeal. The last news regarding the condition of that 9-year-old girl indicated she was stable despite her serious wounds.

Prescription drug charges could jeopardize your college career

Most Georgia college students would agree that college can be tough. The stress of taking tests, studying and socializing can be overwhelming. You may get desperate enough to buy prescription medications to help you stay awake, concentrate or relax and escape for a while. Somehow, you got onto the radar of law enforcement officials. Now, you find yourself having to tell your parents that you were arrested on prescription drug charges.

The growing market for designer and prescription drugs has caused Georgia law enforcement agencies to get tougher on recreational drug use. Police are targeting drugs such as Oxycodone, Valium and Xanax, along with many others such as bath salts, ecstasy and molly. Any of these drugs and more could land you in trouble with the law.

Underage drinking in Georgia: Here's what you need to know

There are a lot of people who drink alcohol in the world, and the state of Georgia is no exception. In fact, it doesn't seem to matter if you're a legal adult or under the age of 18, you may find yourself drawn to possessing and drinking an alcoholic beverage -- even if it means you're breaking the law.

In Georgia, 23.6 percent of our state's young population between the ages of 12 and 20 said that they had drunk alcohol within the last month. If you're in this age category, or if you're a parent with a child in this age category, it's important that you understand Georgia law as it applies to underage drinking.

Alcohol and your teenager's future just don't mix

Teenagers here in Atlanta and across the country will attend parties with their friends this summer. Unless you host the party yourself, you have no guarantee that alcohol will not be available at the parties that your teen attends. If a teenager ends up somehow crossing paths with law enforcement and is accused of an alcohol-related crime, it could jeopardize his or her future.

When it comes to alcohol-related charges against minors, a teenager could face numerous types of charges. Merely being in possession of alcohol could result in a charge. The teen could be accused of violating Georgia's open container laws, being intoxicated or even underage DUI. It might be tempting not to take these charges seriously or to let your child suffer the consequences as a learning experience, but that could be a mistake.

Charges for drug possession could be a plea for help not jail

It often starts innocently enough. An individual tries a drug for the first time in the company of others doing the same thing. Some of those people will walk away from that experience with nothing more than a hangover, but others become addicted after repeated use. At some point, he or she may receive the attention of Georgia law enforcement official and ends up facing charges for drug possession.

Drug use creates a slippery slope from which some Georgia residents cannot recover. The addiction takes over everything. Quitting is not merely a matter of will power. The body craves the drug and tortures the user until it is satisfied. This happens even to those who want to quit.

Don't believe these things about traffic violations

At some point during the time that just about everyone with a license drives, they will be stopped by police and given a ticket. Nearly everyone has advice for Georgia residents regarding what to do when it comes to traffic violations. Much of that advice could actually work against them if they decide to do what their friends and family told them.

Drivers are legally required to comply with certain requests made by police officers such as exiting the vehicle or providing a license, registration and proof of insurance. However, if someone says that complying with a request to search the vehicle could get the officer to throw out the ticket, beware. A driver does not have to consent to a search. In some circumstances, it may be in the driver's best interest to simply ask to leave and take the ticket.

What does Georgia law say about stalking?

As tempting as it may be, a Georgia resident may want to avoid following a former spouse around town or simply watching in a manner that could be conceived as menacing or harassing. That former spouse may just call the police and accuse the other party of stalking. Of course, an individual does not just have to physically follow or watch a person in a way that incites fear to be accused of this crime.

The definition of stalking here in Georgia includes more than just one action. Communications involving any electronic device such as a phone or computer that the other party considers harassing or intimidating could result in a charge for stalking. Frequently leaving unwanted gifts, presents or mail for the alleged victim could also be considered stalking.

Common defenses against theft charges

Were you accused of theft or larceny? If someone accused you of stealing something that wasn't rightfully yours, you might be facing criminal allegations in court. Perhaps someone is claiming that you took his or her bicycle unlawfully, or maybe a department store is saying that you stole an expensive article of clothing.

Regardless the circumstances of your theft allegations, you might be able to defend yourself against the charges with one of several larceny defense strategies.

What penalties could you face for drug possession in Georgia?

Police officers initiate traffic stops for a variety of reasons such as speeding, failing to signal a lane change and other traffic violations. Many people drive off with a warning or a ticket, but some end up under arrest because an officer finds drugs in the vehicle. When this happens, the accused individual may begin to wonder what penalties a conviction for drug possession could bring here in Georgia.

Did you know that a conviction for drug possession could result in a suspension of your driver's license? If this is your first offense, you could lose your license for six months. The second time, your license could be suspended for a year. Three or more convictions may result in a driver's license suspension for as much as two years.

Marijuana still illegal in Georgia

If you are a Georgia resident who enjoys the effects from smoking marijuana and would like to be able to do so freely, without worries of prosecution, you are likely going to be disappointed.

Atlanta, arguably a more progressive Georgia city, has recently been struggling with proposals to reclassify marijuana possession of up to an ounce. Under legislation introduced by District 2 Atlanta city councilman Kwanza Hall, the reclassification would remove the threat of jail time and result in only fines and municipal sanctions, just like other ticketable offenses.

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